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Agata Zemla

Born in Rybnik on February 4, 1994, where she also graduated from the State School of Music in the piano class. Then she explored the musical world looking for her own language, spending several months in Copenhagen, Berlin and London, where she mainly honed her performance technique as a pianist through various free-jazz projects. 


In 2016, she graduated in biology at the University of Wrocław. Finally, she started studying at the Academy of Music in Wrocław, at the Faculty of Music Theory of Composition, Conducting and Music Therapy in Wrocław, where she studied composition in the class of prof. PhD Cezary Duchnowski.  In 2020 she graduated from music theory. In her thesis on theory, she considered the influence of rhythm on the phenomenon of trance, in the psychological and somatic context, thus carrying out cross-sectional research from the music of African tribes to electronic dance music focusing on rave. 


She composes contemporary classical music, which will have an impact in the present world as a manifesto, postulate, document - at the same time it will be innovative, based on electroacoustic music. She creates in what she calls journalistic trends, touching upon political, sociological, psychological and also natural aspects. Her works have been presented, among others at: NOSPR, NFM, at the Concerts at the AMKL Courtyard, at the Art Media Biennale Reverso 2021, Sacrum Profanum 2022 and 69. Warsaw Autumn. 


Agata also composes music for theatres. She is also a performer and sound designer, presenting intermedia performances and live sets.

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