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Live sets and performances

  • time_space

8/10/2022 Żyjnia, BWA, Wrocław electroacoustic performance for invitation Canti Spatzializzati 

  • soli(ampli)_tude

24/10/2022 Academy of Music Wrocław electroacoustic performance for Conference Wymiary Samotności

  • artist[’s]_present_s 

electroacoustic work for a performer, motion controller using quadrophonic soundsystem  20/06/2022, Concert at the Courtyard, Wrocław

  • toxic_relations

electroacoustic live set for Ableton Push Academy of Fine Arts  30/05/2022

  • Holy Zebra presents: Live set

Academy of Music in Łódź as part of the 1st Intercollegiate Conference contrad (d) izioni; 21/10/2021

  • humbling bonds

live electronics and a performer; Concert at the Courtyard, Wrocław; 17/06/2021

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